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      Honors & Qualifications
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      Patent Achievements and Honors

      Invention Patents: 8 patents.Technology Awards: 5 awards.Research and Development Platforms: 6 platforms.Main Honors: 16 honors.Product Qualifications and Achievements: 5 qualifications


      Invention Patents


      Technology Awards


      Research and Development


      Main Honors
      Main Honors
      National specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprise
      Shandong Province manufacturing single champion enterprise
      Shandong Province gazelle enterprise
      High-tech enterprise
      Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Shandong
      Shandong Province high-end brand cultivation enterprise
      Shandong Province specialized and new enterprise
      Shandong Province enterprise reputed for honoring contracts and maintaining credibility
      Shandong Province outstanding power enterprise
      Famous trademark of Shandong Province
      Quality brand of Shandong Province
      Winner in the Shandong Province small and micro enterprise innovation competition
      Contributor to the non-public sector party building, recognized as an outstanding contributor at the provincial level
      Advanced unit in provincial-level health
      Model enterprise in the Weifang City "Thousands of Enterprises Help Thousands of Villages" initiative

      魯公網(wǎng)安備 37078102001141號

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